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M6-M8 Washers
  • Provides maximum holding power, eliminating warranty issues caused by vibration loosening
  • No tools required, eliminating time-consuming assembly operations
  • One-piece design eliminates the need for multiple small parts, reducing inventory space
  • Anti-shingling and finish bonding prevention

Stem Washer

  • Our fasteners provide a good balance between maximum holding strength and low installation force. Each fastener embodies inner retaining barbs that slide over and bite into a round stud, preventing two panels from disengaging.

    The serrated teeth provide flexibility, allowing them to accommodate larger stud variations. The separation of the teeth add flexibility and reduce insertion efforts. Installation is much faster than conventional hex-nuts.

    Our design provides a larger bearing surface so parts can be installed with automated assembly. Likewise, our design minimizes parts shingling or sticking together caused by finish bonding.

    Threaded Push-On Fasteners can also be used in assembly applications where screws or bolts need to be retained in place before a nut is positioned and tightened.

  • Panel retention, Bolt holding, Heat shields, Bumpers, Interior, Instrument clusters, Fenders, Electrical clamps


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