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Production Spring is a MBE company that has a 45-year history of manufacturing metal clips, clamps, brackets, fasteners and custom stamped components for a variety of automotive applications. The Company's operations are located in Troy, MI. where we have a 40,000 sq. ft. facility that includes our manufacturing operations and inventory warehouse. We utilize #1 – 4 four-slide equipment and low-tonnage stamping presses (up to 400 ton capacity) to produce our parts. As a Tier 2 supplier, we view our processes and products as an extension of our customers' operations. This perspective allows us to remain customer driven and customer focused. We currently support our customers via shipment of product throughout North America, South America, Europe, China and Southeast Asia.



What 4-slide advantages?


A four-slide, also known as a multislide, multi-slide, or four-way, is a metalworking machine tool used in the high-volume manufacture of small stamped components from sheet metal or wire stock. The press is most simply described as a horizontal stamping press that uses cams to control tools. The machine is used for progressive or transfer stamping operations combined and offers enormous cost saving due to the optimal material usage.



High-precision shims capabilities 


Production Spring is a manufacturer of custom high-precision shim without involving expensive grinding to thickness/sizes. All our production methods are ideal to maintain dimensional repeatability for quick turnaround. Unlike other manufacturers, we are successful in producing shims with thickness tolerances of +/- .0075mm (0.0003”) and parallelism +/-.01mm (0.0004”) without grinding or implementing distortion.



What advantages does deep draw have?


Deep Drawn stamping is a process of forming flat metal into a die to make precise, usually cylindrical shaped components. This is accomplished by feeding a coil of flat metal into a press with stations of tooling, each performing a repeating operation on the metal.

Does PS ship globally?


Production Spring is able to support products globally. We support those products that are marketed internationally under the same brand name, features and specifications across many countries. Majority parts are FOB Troy Michigan



I need help with selecting a product or design?


Our application designers are available and responsible for determining the best solution for your important business requirements. The application designer gathers requirements for  your application. The designer also determines which product/process will be available to support the application



What are your delivery, EDI and packaging options?


Production Spring is able to support EDI,  packaging and barcoding requirements. Please contact our team for additional details or questions.


IATF 16949

ISO 9001:2015



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