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Shim Stampings
  • 4-slide tooling to minimize cost to produce components
  • Multi-piece design
  • Part simplification (reducing multiple components into one)
  • Progressive die
  • Welded assemblies
  • Automation friendly

Shim Stampings

  • Sometimes, regular commodity products just won’t cut it. At Production Spring, we understand that utilizing products that fit your need can minimize issues and save money. That’s why we offer custom metal stamping services. Our amazing team of engineers works directly with our customers each step of the way, ensuring their needs and specifications are met.


    We provide engineering support and assistance from applications suggestion, drawings and or providing solid models. Customers can be assured of rapid turnaround on quotes, prototypes and production runs.

    We offer excellent service and quality from preliminary design to final inspection. We remain competitive through our investment in technology and commitment to quality.

  • Interior, Exterior automotive, Large tractor, Reinforcements, Dust shields, Seating, Instrumentation, Drivetrain, Appliance industry, Lawn tractor industry

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