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Precision Shims
  • High precison feature tolerances
  • Able to maintain extreme thickness tolerances
  • No processing contamination or shavings
  • Large inventory size and thickness
  • CAD product library to standize components

Precision Shims

  • Here at Production Spring, we manufacture all our own tooling in-house so that we can control quality and lead times. Our system of forming uses simple tooling which can be built quickly and inexpensively.

    Rather than making costly progressive dies, tooling is broken up into multiple stations. At each stage, an individual operation is performed such as a single bend. These stations can be made in parallel, saving time.

    Production Spring can work with material thicknesses from .001” to .125” (.0025 to 3.8 mm), depending on the features required.

  • Transmission, Drive train, Mechanical drives, Steering, Engine components, Wave washer, Standard washers, Specialty washers

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