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Multi-Thread Unut
  • Evr-Tite™ joint locking anti-loosening
  • Self-retain during assembly, improving assembly time and reducing welding and clinching costs
  • Easy to assemble, requiring no special tools
  • Serviceable - parts disassemble easily and reliably
  • Single-component design eliminates small parts handling and excessive part inventories
  • No screw binding caused by mechanical crip prevailing torque

Multi-Thread Unut

  • U-nuts are self-retaining threaded nut fasteners. They provide simple, rapid attachment of mating panels. With our threaded barrel technology, the screw is easily guided and self-correcting when misalignment may occur through panel mounting holes. With the additional threads, our fasteners are capable in supporting higher clamp loads.

    For superior fastening compliance and to ensure your joint does not loosen, PS Evr-Tite™ is the clear solution.

    The product is available in multiple industry finishes.

  • Chassis, Interior, Door panels, Lighting, Engine compartment, Instruments panels, Wheel wells, Panels

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