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Misc Shims
  • High-precision thickness tolerances
  • Maintain flatness
  • Support high production, requires no secondary grinding 
  • Large inventory
  • Circlips
  • Wave washers
  • Multiple material and heat treated series available
  • Online design library of existing shims to standardize usages
  • Thrust washers
  • Spacers
  • Shims

Misc Shims

  • Production Spring is a manufacturer of custom high-precision shim without involving expensive grinding to thickness/sizes. All our production methods are ideal to maintain dimensional repeatability for quick turnaround. Unlike other manufacturers, we are successful in producing shims with thickness tolerances of +/- .0075mm (0.0003”) and parallelism +/-.01mm (0.0004”) without grinding or implementing distortion.

    Shims are thin pieces of metal material often used as compensators to fill in small gaps between objects aligning parts, reducing wear, and absorbing tolerances between mating components. Precision Shims can also significantly reduce manufacturing time and costs as they eliminate the need for each component to be machined to achieve the proper fit and function of the total assembly.

  • Front and rear axle components, Spline yokes, Pinion gear spacers, Transmission, Retainers, Thrust washers

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