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Evr-Tite Fasteners
  • Strengthens fastening joints and helps prevent loosening
  • Sustains clamp load by 80% consistently over a longer duration of time, whereas prevailing torque loosens completely
  • Can be reused 3X MORE than mechanical prevailing torque fasteners
  • Avoids damage to mating panels (reducing waste) caused by undependable and unreliable mechanical prevailing torque
  • Achieves performance standards without mechanical crimping

Evr-Tite Fasteners

  • Production Spring has developed a new JOINT LOCKING SYSTEM that maintains retention and clamp load of threaded fasteners significantly longer and better than other widely used methods, helping to prevent threaded fasteners from loosening.

    We recognize some fastening joints (plastics, fiberboard, thermal) may condense during the tightening process. Similar marketplace related wedge ramp solutions fail in lower rate applications.

    However, EVR-TITE, with combined lock-joint & wedge-root technologies, differs from other tightening methods by providing a continuously axial compressive load during the tightening process. Using EVR-TITE technology, the crest of the standard exterior threads draws tightly against the wedge ramp thereby eliminating all radial clearance and creating a continuous spiral line of contact between the internal and external crest. EVR-TITE is able to maintain 80% of its original clamp load.

  • Deep draw threaded products, Unuts, Nut plates, Box or expansion nuts, Panels, Interior, Wheel wells, Engine compartment, Chassis

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