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Electrical Grounding
  • 300% improved grounding
  • Eliminates e-coat and paint build-up
  • Can be automated
  • Strips contamination off wire terminals
  • Three-point weld contact vs. one
  • Small and compact
  • Can be installed using traditional projection welding equipment
  • No longer required to use special installation equipment
  • Cost save

Electrical Grounding

  • Electrical grounding has grown into a major problem in the automotive industry. Today, almost all the essential components of an automotive vehicle need grounding. Airbags, transmission, engine, and much other electronics requires secure grounding to maintain functionality and helps prevent catastrophic failures.

    Production Spring is proud to introduce the patented EGS - Electrical Grounding Stud product line.

    EGS stud assemblies are engineered to help furnish superior grounding by as much as 300%.

    Our multi-solution is unlike any other products in the marketplace. We help rid excessive paint and undercoat build-up by safeguarding the internal surfaces of the stud. Likewise, our EGS provides a three-point contact welds vs. untrustworthy single-point drawn arc studs.

    To ensure lasting connection though wire terminals, our resolution deforms the id during the initial wire installation process. The deformation and coining of the terminal id strip any nonconductive films. The result is raw material hence increasing grounding conductivity.

    EGS is installed using traditional projection welding equipment. No longer are customers forced to use expensive proprietary equipment that requires a person with PhD to service and run.

  • Gounding applications, Engine firewall, Instrument panel cross-bar, Interior, Trunk, Suspension frame

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